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Halloween Isn’t Canceled Until I Say It’s Canceled [VIDEO]

It's pretty canceled. 

Not only has Heidi Klum called off her legendary costume party (postponed to a haunted Christmas), but also the NYC Halloween Parade isn't happening for the first time in its thirty-nine-year history. Candy sales are projected to fall seriously short of previous expectations and you know fun is truly dead when you start worrying about the candy industry's bottom line.

No Heidi + no parade + well-stocked candy aisles = wait, that sounds fantastic. 

To be fair, I already had my Halloween fun this weekend (I realized my longstanding dream of being a pineapple), so it's not like I was ever gonna feel deprived.  

Still: I recently struck up an acquaintanceship with this woman that comes into my coffeeshop all the time with her one-year-oldish baby strapped to her torso. That kid will probably be spared a pig-in-a-blanket onesie, and it breaks my heart.

So when I embed Coco Rocha and Ellen Von Unworth's Halloween fashion film for Vs. Magazine below, it's because I'm thinking of the children.

I don't know, just watch it if you feel like it.