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Maybelline Canada’s Grace Lee on Toronto Fashion Week Faces

Now that Toronto's World MasterCard Fashion Week Spring 2013 is over, I'm sure many of you are wondering how to recreate all those flawless runway faces at home. While hanging out backstage and trying to keep out of harm's way, I caught up with Maybelline New York Canada's lead makeup artist, Grace Lee, tasked with creating the freshest looks for the event. Here's what she had to say. . .

On eyes: "There's a new mascara that's coming out in January called The Rocket, which is all about the brush. I do find that with technology and innovation, mascara changes completely every 10 or so years. This is going to be one that changes everybody's view on mascara as it instantly gives volume, lengthening all in literally two swipes. It's going to be amazing for the woman who wants something fast and easy."

The foundation: "For the base, we've been using a Fit-Me foundation or a BB Cream. For those who would like a little bit more coverage, we use Fit-Me, but they're the two staples."

Creating contour: "To shape the face, we use a bit of Age-Rewind concealer as a highlighter. The brightening one is also great as it has some pink in it to take out any blue underneath the eyes. We then contour the skin with Dream Mousse Blush in Coffee Cake and put a little bit of the Peach Satin just on the cheeks. [All the models] want contouring, so we make sure to carve just below the cheekbone to give the skin more shape, though highlighting is key as well."

Pictured: Baby Lips, The Rocket Mascara and Colour Tattoo

Product versatility: "What I also like to do for highlighting is mix the clear Baby Lips with a Colour Tattoo in Barely Branded as it makes a beautiful highlight. We've been doing this a lot backstage on the cheekbone area. Baby Lips gives just the right amount of dew to the skin without making it look glossy."

A perfect pout: "On the lips, we've used two new colours (depending on the model's own lip hue) from the new Whispers collection, which are coming out in 20 shades in January. They're very sheer, very pretty and we're using them to bits. Literally, I don't even have any left as we're gouging them out and screaming 'I need more!' So the two main colours we use are called Petal Rebel and It Mauve. They're great for the everyday woman who doesn't want a lipstick per se, but also doesn't want to do a lip balm. It's kind of that perfect in-between."

What's trending: "One of the key trends for this Spring is definitely a bold lip. Joe Fresh, Arthur Mendonca and Evan Bidell all did their own versions of a red and, whether it be a little more orange or fuchsia, it's still sticking in that tone. I would also say they all wanted that beautiful dewy skin, so yes, those are the two main trends that are screaming out at me. As well as pastels. Like Easter egg eyes to match all the colourful leathers on show this year. I think little eye accents will be making a big comeback in the way that coloured jeans did."

Pictured: Grace Lee tends to an Arthur Mendonca model

Images via Maybelline Backstage Canada