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Karlie Kloss Bobbed Her Hair Even Though Tonight’s the Victoria’s Secret Runway Show

If you think the ideal way to spend the first snow of the season is to cuddle up in front of the television and watch extremely leggy young women wearing not much more than fake tans and megawatt smiles strut around under bright lights in front of a shrieking throng, you are out of luck because even though the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show films tonight, it won't air until December 4th. But when it does, it will be the most important television event since we reelected our President, yesterday. 

One of the so-called Angels slated to walk the runway, American model Karlie Kloss, is going into the fashion show with a serious disadvantage: she bobbed her hair to a length that seems incompatible with Victoria's Secret's ultra-feminine, conventionally sexy aesthetic. What a rebel. No wonder the high fashion world loves her (or used to). 

Despite her new and commercially undesirable hair, the lingerie brand will not terminate its contract with Kloss*. The model will walk the runway tonight as planned, but now with hair extensions attached to her head to make her presentable to the viewing public. Thank goodness. 

Image via HuffPo Style Twitter

*Um, that was never really on the table. I'm just trying to add some stakes to this haircut story.