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Only the Best First Lady in the History of First Ladies Would Shop Her Closet on the Night of President Obama’s Reelection

There are lots of reasons to be happy: everyone reading this is alive, has Internet. Already, we are doing better than the vast majority of people that have ever lived! They are dead and can't go online. 

Other perks of our situation: we live in a time of indoor plumbing and domesticated cats. There are some aspects of this current historial moment that are undesirable — climate change and cell phone games are not positive developments — but really, we should just always bear in mind that things could be much, much worse. I mean, even if you aren't happy with Barack Obama's reelection, at least Michelle Obama's a supergood dresser. At least you have some cute outfits to look forward to.

I personally think there'll be more benefits to President Obama's victory than, merely, four more years of great dresses from Mobama, but it's okay if you don't feel that way (using the term "okay" very, very loosely). You don't have to like the President's politics to agree that when it comes to the First Lady's main responsibilities — that is, dressing nicely and being awesome — Michelle Obama is unmatched. (And also capable of far, far more. But we'll talk about that some other time.)

Exhibit A is above, what she wore last night: a burgundy A-line Micheal Kors which (as The Cut points out) she's worn several times before, as early as 2009, following the precedent she set at her last major national appearance at the final Presidential debate, when she wore a grey Thom Browne lace overlay dress for the second time. Best First Lady Ever. 

image: Getty