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Rihanna and Kate Moss Do an S&M Editorial for V Magazine

This is exactly why celebrity and fame are bad for everything. The following editorial, which will run in the ScarJo-covered December issue of V Magazine, is heinous on many counts. Its S&M content is provocative in a transparent, calculated way; aesthetically it looks like an ANTM photoshoot. It's the fashion glossy equivalent of a clogged sink. I'm gonna say something nice so I can justify saying anything at all: some of the styling is well-done (I particularly like the crotchless pants, and if I were pop star I would never wear anything else) but it's also safe: it's the easiest thing in the world to style an S&M spread. It's like making pasta for dinner. 

But you are reading this for one reason only, and it's because Kate Moss and Rihanna co-starred in the editorial, and they're famous. That is how celebrity works: it doesn't matter whether or not you do a crap job or participate in a subpar project, because your fame is always an attraction in itself. And that is good for the famous, but it's sad for the rest of us. 

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