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Take a Trip to the Tropics with We Are Handsome’s Indhra Chaghoury and Jeremy Somers

We Are Handsome are masters at making us nostalgic for things we might never have even experienced, and here they are doing it again for Resort 2012. “The Enchanted” is an enigmatic and mysterious collection featuring six new prints, each dug from designers Indhra Chagoury and Jeremy Somers’ personal photographic archives.

While the photographs have probably undergone a little reimagining, we’re happy to believe that at least one of the design duo has stared an assertive eagle directly in the eyeballs if it makes for a print this magical. The Guardian features the same somewhat intimidating eagle that caused a stir at MBFWA earlier this year, rearing its head on a panel one-piece swimsuit and, somewhat more cheekily, on the rear of a string bikini bottom.

Other prints draw on Chagoury and Somer’s love of all things that make you want to run away to an exotic location filled with enchanting sunsets and animals that are either very beautiful or very dangerous. The Messenger is a flight path of birds illuminated by a myriad of greenery, while The Calypso is a moment captured by Somers as he was just casually basking on the shores of the tropical Philippines glimpsing a yacht sailing into the horizon.

New shapes for the collection include a cut-away one piece, butterfly bikini and tie-front bikini alongside cult classics like the scoop one piece and string bikini. But with prints this pretty they could feature on a Borat mankini and we’d still probably consider wearing it.    

Images courtesy of EVH PR