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Benah’s Jewellery Debut is Equal Parts Saccharine and Sophisticated

Accessories brand Benah has branched out from understated bags and scarves with a line of delectably understated jewellery. Benah Be Mine is a dainty range inspired by gift giving, and though it’s launched just in time for Christmas, you’d need some serious willpower not to end up sheepishly retrieving intended presents after they’ve already been placed under the tree.

Luckily, nearly everything falls under the $100 mark. That includes pewter cast pyramid cuffs, adjustable wire rings handcrafted from copper and finished in precious metal, and wispy bracelets with rainbows beads of crystal and glass that will make you feel equal parts sophisticated and indulgently juvenile. All of the above can be had for $69, $55, and $82 respectively, while the fancy gold stud cuffs fetch a still relatively wallet-friendly $119. 

Almost just as good as the jewellery itself is the charmingly twee campaign. Set against a blushing pink background, wrists and digits dripping with semi-precious adornments hold flowers, a fluffy duckling, a small plastic dog, and a melting ice cream. Sounds entirely inappropriate for anyone over the age of 15, but if anyone can invest plastic ornaments with an understated elegance, it’s Brenda Briand.


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