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Grace Coddington Does Give a Good Interview

Just like every other person that watched The September Issue, I really like Grace Coddington. What is there not to like? In the film, she comes across as principled, intelligent, sincere. As adorable as a Vogue editor can be. Really though, Grace shares these positive qualities with lots of other wonderful people, and the only thing that truly distinguishes her is visibility. It's a rare thing for someone to be both visible and wonderful. But when it happens, people lose their minds. That's what people are like when it comes to Grace: they loooove her.

Count me among those that "love" Grace, but probably won't be reading her memoir, Grace. What's my deal? Well, The New York Times feature which ran in the Styles section this weekend opens with Coddington telling the reporter, “I’m not good with words." And that's totally her perogative, but it certainly doesn't make her book sound appealing. I try to read only good books, due to my mortality, limited time on Earth, etc. Those books are most often not written by people that proclaim themselves to be bad at words. However lovely Grace Coddington might be as a person and as a fashion editor, her book sounds like something that didn't neccessarily have to happen. 

Anyway, just because I'm not interested in reading her memoir doesn't mean I don't appreciate the accompanying publicity tour. We already knew this from the documentary that made her famous, but I'm happy to get a reminder: Coddington gives a good interview.

In the Times profile, she had things to say about her boss, Anna Wintour — “With men she’s very seductive, even if they’re one hundred percent gay.” — who should play Coddington in a movie — “Karen Elson is what everyone says, and Julianne Moore when I’m older, in my dreams!” — and Nicolas Ghesquière's future — “Hopefully Nicolas won’t just give up and walk away. He’s too good, too strong, too brilliant, too passionate.”

Ugh, I guess I kind of want to read her memoir. 

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