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Noooooo! Lady Gaga. Terry Richardson. Cake. A Video.

It's obvious that Lady Gaga and Terry Richardson are just trolling me personally at this point, because there can be no other explanation for the clip the duo's just released, to tease the upcoming video for Gaga's song, "Cake." It's filmed by Terry (of course), one of the most villanous villians in all of fashionland, a total creep with the moustache to prove it. 

The video shows Lady Gaga rolling around in cake (way to be literal) while wearing lingerie and heels, before washing it all off. If this is supposed to have some kind of body image-pos message that somehow ties into Gaga's Body Revolution campaign, that's cool — but the performer needlessly wastes A LOT of cake to make her point, squishing it into uneatable glop instead of eating it, the way God intended. 


Image via screenshots

[via DailyStab]