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It’s Cyber Monday: If There’s Something You Want to Buy On Internet, Don’t Wait Til Tomorrow

Dear Reader,

Today is the day retailers and marketers refer to as Cyber Monday, Black Friday's little brother. Cyber Monday doesn't have everything all figured out, but the kid's got a lot of pluck. He could even one day surpass his big sister, Black Friday. I wouldn't be surprised at all. 

There are so many deals on the Internet today, you don't even need to know where to look. If there's something you've been planning to buy online — or if there's something you once even thought about buying online, today is the day to do it. I don't even really think I need to tell you where to go to find discounts, because pretty much every e-tailer is offering BIG SAVINGS. Even the luxury kids.

Barneys, for example, is offering up to 40% and free shipping.

Also, this Giftlab White Horn Amplifier (which sold out the second Gwyneth Paltrow advertised it on her Goop holiday wishlist) is on sale for $1.69 right now, down from $24.99 (not kidding!) on Amazon. If you have Prime, there's even free shipping.

Want more hotttt tips? I did my Cyber Monday shopping during Black Friday ("Black Friday" and "Cyber Monday" are more marketing gimmicks than distinct events), and bought practically everything (by "everything" I mean six things) Uniqlo was selling, due to some obscene discounts on cashmere which then led me down a rabbit hole of faux fur ear muffs and footless sweater leggings. Free shipping for orders over $100, and everything's already been delivered to me. It's almost disgusting how efficient and wonderful online shopping is, when you consider the human cost associated with selling clothing for a pittance and road-runnering it to people's apartments. I mean, it is disgusting. Still, I'll be damned if I'm not totally cozy and totally cute all winter long. Yeah, I'm a hypocrite.

Cyber Monday would be way better if it were followed by Reality Check Tuesday. 

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