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Watch Karlie Kloss in the Neiman Marcus x Target Collab Campaign Video

As promised, Karlie Kloss shot a commercial for one of this season's most legitimately interesting designer collaborations, the Neiman Marcus and Target Holiday 24 Collection. The two retailers have tapped 24 CFDA designers to create a 50+ item capsule range which'll be available at both stores. Do you love cool stuff? Do you love American designers? Do you love the holidays? Most importantly: DO YOU LOVE DESIGNER COLLABORATIONS? Then this is the designer collaboration to trump all designer collaborations. I say. (Although I don't neccessarily love all of those things.) And Karlie totally agrees with me. 

The supermodel does her high-ponytail thing in the commercial, which includes some chic skipping and post-Nineties Vogueing. For the most part, she's a captivating presence, but it does sometimes seem like she can't quite decide whether she's playing it straight or hamming it up. It's kind of like what Tyra Banks might act like on camera, if she had a sense of restraint.