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This is Why Coco Rocha’s Famous: Vogue Mexico December 2012

Here's Ms. Coco Rocha making the best-ever argument for gold gowns by Prabal Gurung (pictured) and Elie Saab, purple plum lipstick, retro waves, photog Regan Cameron, and her own career success. 

The supermodel doesn't just cover the December Issue of Vogue Mexico, she owns it. The glossy released a trio of covers, ostensibly because Coco's roll of film was so good it would have been criminal to run just one. 

I get that the only thing that would make these images more in-your-face is if Coco were somehow simultaneously exposing herself, but get over it. Up to this point, these glum winter times have mostly been bringing us a parade of minimalistic, dark-paletted fashion images. Everything's been all woolen, and I didn't even realize how heavy and grim the world of pictures has been until I saw Coco here, blazing in gold, her big purple mouth hanging so wide it's like she's trying to catch a fly. 

More please! Winter's going to be a long, cold slog and my eyes are already starving for something bright to snack on. 

[via DesignScene]