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Stella McCartney Wins “Designer of the Year” at British Fashion Awards — And the Other Winners

Today at the British Fashion Awards, Stella McCartney was honored twice, with both an ever-important Designer of the Year Award and also a Designer Brand of the Year Award. If you think the 41-year-old designer's success was always assured just because she's the daughter of Paul McCartney, you are wrong.

While collecting one of her awards, the reigning queen of eco-fashion remembered that when she decided to leave Parisian brand Chloe to start her own label, her boss-man executive at the company — nicknamed "Mr. Anonymous" — said she was guaranteed to fail, due to the nature of the British fashion industry:

"He said, 'Stella, you will live to regret this. You will fail. And I offer you to stay here and start your brand in Paris with us.' I was really grateful for his offer but I stuck to my instincts and said that I still wanted to go.

As I left he said — in his French accent — 'you need to know: there has never in the history of fashion been a British fashion house with a woman's name on the label that has ever been truly global.' So I guess I do have to thank him —Mr Anonymous. Although I disagree with him: there is Dame Vivienne, amongst others. But I will never forget how I felt that day leaving his office. I couldn't be more determined to prove him wrong. And with this award I feel like I am at the start of doing that."

Congrats Stella!!! You show that sexist French jerk how successful you are!!!

The other winners, because the best part of winning is being recognized as a winner (some presented with comment):

Alexa Chung — British Style Award


J.W. Anderson — Emerging Talent Award – Ready-to-Wear

Manolo Blahnik — Outstanding Achievement Award 2012

Jonathan Saunders — Emerging Talent Award – Menswear

Harold Tillman — Special Recognition Award 2012

(This is basically just an award for being really, really rich.)

Roksanda Ilincic — Red Carpet Award

Nicholas Kirkwood — Accessory Designer Award


Professor Louise Wilson — Isabella Blow Award for Fashion Creator

("Good choice!" says everyone, everywhere.)

Erdem Moralioglu — New Establishment Award

(Yes yes yes to both the award and the winner.)

Cara Delevingne — Model Award

(I don't have anything nice to say. Hmm. She does have really nice eyebrows.)

Kim Jones — Menswear Designer Award


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Image via WENN