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Ack: Girls Season 2 Looks So Good [Watch The Trailer]

If you were hoping Season 2 of Girls would be just terrible so you could have an extra half-hour a week to pet your cat and develop meaningful relationships with the people in your life, I'm sorry but it appears that Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham) & Co. are coming back in January with guns blazing. You can have a life some other time. 

There's still over a month before the Season 2 premiere and the first trailer is already here, because HBO's going to be damned if you pay attention to something else even for a second. If you aren't already wary of the impending Girls hype hurricane, please get it together. This show would be so much better if it were just a show, and not a nauseatingly relatable twentysomething Brooklyn lifestyle almost-empire. 

So here's what we can look forward to next season:

  • Yes, everyone still lives in New York.
  • "What if he's murder-y in like, a murder way?"
  • Jorma Taccone is back to seduce Marnie (played by Allison Williams). Finally. It will probably be the sexiest thing on television.
  • As my friend Andrew put it: "I liked the part when Lena Dunham was in a mesh top or something."

Image via WENN