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Diane Von Furstenberg’s Red Carpet Date Was a Literal Dog

Image via WENN

Diane von Furstenberg totally lucked out earlier this week when she got to attend the Neiman Marcus x Target Holiday Collection preview party on the errr…arm (leg?) of Bullseye the Target mascot. A few years ago, I read about a woman that paid for her Macbook Pro by selling out ad space on its surface, so her computer became a kind of billboard whenever she worked from a coffeeshop (she was a freelancer, so this was a near-daily occurance). I would do that, but with my face.

Dear Target, Let's talk. I will go out with a giant bullseye drawn around my eye — like all the time, except maybe not on dates? — and you just have to cover my food, drinks, and cab fare. Maybe also my clothing? Would not want to tar the Target (haa) brand image by looking like a slob.