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Phoenix Keating Brings Sexy Power Dressing Back with Autumn 2013’s ‘Androdameia’

There’s a difference between clothing that is sexy in the way that a powerful Amazonian warrior is sexy and clothing that is sexy in the way that flesh is sexy. Since this is 21st Century Australia and not Ancient Greece, it’s normally the latter kind of sensuality we see on the runways of MBFWA or L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival, which is why Lady Gaga-approved designer Phoenix Keating is causing such a stir.

His latest collection, Autumn 2013’s ‘Androdameia’ takes its name from an Amazonian warrior of Greek Mythology whose name literally translates to ‘The Subduer of Men’. 21-year-old Keating has taken the essence of this woman and brought her into the modern world via tailoring sharper than a hunting knife and a careful mish-mash of sumptuous fabrics. Heavy leathers and wools sit alongside sheer silks and a transparent plastic that definitely didn’t exist in the 8th Century BC, with gold trimmings splashed on by hand to echo a raw and imperfect military brocade.

Keating’s own weapons of choice are a needle, thread, and the humble pencil, which he wields with the skill of a designer twice his age. Immaculate tailoring accentuates the body with pleats and corseted waists to prove power dressing is more exciting than just amped-up shoulders. 

The future of Australian fashion just got a lot more promising. 



Images courtesy of Bleach PR