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Watch Kate Bosworth Sing ‘Winter Wonderland’ for Topshop. Or Don’t.

The video embedded below stars Kate Bosworth, a long shimmery holiday gown she designed in collaboration with Topshop, and the Christmas standard, "Winter Wonderland."

According to WWD, Topshop is billing the clip as its first-ever movie, which falsely suggests that the video either tells a story or evokes emotion. The only thing I felt while watching this was boredom, and I don't think that was the intended effect. There's no story: there's just a woman standing on a stage, singing. The camera revolves around her. Some people look on. Then, some snow falls, even though the video is set indoors. Yes, that's the climax: fake weather. 

Topshop will make the song available through iTunes, so you can download it if you believe Kate Bosworth deserves to have a singing career. Also, this "film" is only a tiny part of a multi-platform campaign, so you might as well just lie down now and wait for the stampede.

Image via screenshot