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Kate Upton on the Cover of Vogue UK

With her January 2013 Vogue UK cover (pictured), Kate Upton's high fashion status is no longer debatable. I don't think we can even debate about whether or not it's debatable. The world wanted more real, honest-to-goodness supermodels, and whether you like her or hate her, Upton is it. 

Consider this: her year in magazine covers began with Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Issue and ended with Vogue Italia. In between, she earned cover credits with Muse, GQ, CR Fashion Book, Jalouse, and Cosmopolitan. In short: holy range. 

She also shot at least thirteen additional fashion editorials, including three with big cheese American Vogue. She just wins. At this point, however the haters feel about her is irrelevant. To them, I say: Good luck finding a newsstand that isn't beaming out her face. 

There are reasons to be uncertain about Kate Upton's rise: Her conventionally "sexy" body isn't common in the more high-brow parts of fashionland, but her appeal isn't just carnal. Here she is on the cover of Vogue UK, covered up in a simple white Alaia dress, practically shielding her boobs from the camera, and she still looks spectacular. Not sure whether she's "the model who keeps it real," but "haters gonna hate," for sure. 

Image via TFS Forums