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What a Treat: “Can I Make the Music Fly” by Dior Homme [VIDEO]

I think the whole point of Art Basel Miami is to make people that live in New York City find out how culturally chauvinistic and myopic New Yorkers must seem to people that live in other parts of the country every other week of the year. 

Not that I'm even allowed within a one mile radius of any lavish parties, but knowing that they happen in the same city does sometimes give me this warm "it's all going to be okay, the world does actually exist" feeling. You know, like: Maybe Jay Z will be in my subway car today, probably not but maybe — there's a chance!

So, one of the really cool (cool-ish) things that happened in Miami last night was a party hosted by Dior Homme's Kris Van Assche, Bruce Weber, and Stefano Tonchi of W Magazine (oh boyyssss) to celebrate the premiere of a film by Bruce Weber called Can I Make the Music Fly, made exclusively for Dior Homme. (The event was also an opportunity to celebrate Miami's new Dior Homme boutique.) 

I'm posting the first clip from the film Dior made available today, because it's wonderful. As fashion films go, it's a pleasure to watch — it even made me feel better about how my day was going. A rare feat for something that's essentially a branding platform. A lot of credit for that is due to the music, "Dialogue for Jazz Combo & Orchestra" composed by Howard Brubeck. It's always such a treat when someone plops some beautiful music down in front of you and is just like, "Go listen!"

Here you go — go listen!