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Allison Williams Reveals Exclusively to Page Six: “I’m Left-Handed!”

Page Six worked insanely hard to break through Girls actress Allison Williams' media-trained shell, and here's what they got: Williams loooves Tina Fey and once worked as her assistant's assistant (amazing that you need to use nepotism to get that terrible job!), and she's left-handed. 

Here's how she responds to questions about her romantic life: "I'm not gonna talk about that."

Bad date stories: "I'd rather not get into that territory."

Bad breakups: "It's so specific — obviously I've never been in that exact situation."

Page Six threw its hands up in the air and decided to ask "something innocuous. Where in Manhattan does she live?"

The charming response: "I think I'd rather not say."

And the most shocking thing she could think of to reveal about herself, I've already spoiled for you: "I'm left-handed!" Oh gee, a southpaw. How does she sleep at night?

Major A+ to Page Six for persistence. Full profile here

Image: Jim Wright for Page Six Magazine.