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Kate Upton: Bruce Weber for Vogue Germany Video & Vogue US Cover Rumors

Here's your daily Kate Upton news dump: the polarizing American model starred in Vogue Germany's latest fashion film, It Had To Be You, directed by Bruce Weber. The video is retro and it's preppy and there are a few memorable shots — in my favorite, Upton sits on a horse wearing a starchy white button-down. Others might single out a two-second frame which shows the model floating topless in a pool, covering herself with her hands, and catching water from a fountain with her cleavage. I know boobs are a rarity in the fashion industry, and Kate's are uniquely intense, but Weber's preoccupation with Upton's in this video reads a little adolescent. I think it's really cool that a curvier model is getting so many prestigious gigs, but at this stage in her career, Upton is more interesting when she's wearing a shirt.

Speaking of prestigious gigs, clothes, and Kate Upton, there's a rumor sweeping Twitter, the TFS Forums, and other Internet destinations speculating that the model is on the cover of US Vogue's February Issue, shot by Mario Testino. With covers for Vogue Italia and Vogue UK already under her belt (not to mention her three US Vogue editorials and a load of other work) it isn't risky to bet that Upton will grace the front of Anna Wintour's glossy, and soon. 

The Vogue Germany video:

["It Had To Be You" video via Fashionologie]