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Get Set for an Intergalactic Rave with Emma Mulholland and Anja Konstantinova

One of the many, many, many striking things about an Emma Mulholland collection is how she’s able to channel persistently wacky inspirations into her signature aesthetic of Australiana and 90s surf culture. Last season it was iguanas playing basketball in the Mexican desert, and for Autumn/Winter 2013, she’s giving aliens and ancient Egypt an aqueous Southern Hemisphere twist.  

Aptly titled ‘Spaced Out’, the collection is a glitchy collision of neon prints and enough metallics to give a magpie an epileptic fit. There are sequins everywhere, holographic skirts, glittery ruffles, and what looks suspiciously like lurex. It’s all anchored by hulking mirrored platforms (worn predominantly with either glittery or tie-dye socks) and it somehow looks just as appropriate for planet Earth as it does for an intergalactic rave. 

Mulholland staples include cropped jackets, printed pants, high-waisted minis, crop tops, and the omnipresent caps and backpacks. You can also guarantee each collection to have at least one great print, and here the winner is a buzzy 90s Aztec affair made up of alien heads and radioactive pyramids.

Otherworldly babe Anja Konstantinova stars in the lookbook, shot by Bryron Spencer and styled to OTT perfection by Pauly Bonomelli. Check out the whole thing here