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Clothes Show Live: Celebrity Designers’ Showcases

Opinions are always divided when a celebrity creates their own clothing line, especially when it’s a reality TV star with no design training. This week at the Clothes Show Live, we managed to grab a few seconds with fashion designer Henry Holland to ask him about the subject, and surprisingly, it turned out that he’s all for it! He believes that it’s just a different approach to things, and a great way for public figures to engage with their already-established fan bases. 

So, spurred on by Henry’s wise words, tFS went to check out showcases by reality TV stars Amy Childs and Gemma Collins (past and present cast from The Only Way Is Essex), as they’ve both recently launched their own clothing lines. Here’s what we found out.

Gemma Collins

As a plus size lady herself, Gemma explained that she’s used her own experiences to create a line for larger women. Unlike lots of celebrity-turned-designers, Gemma was also adamant to mention that she’s actually designed all the pieces herself, which has even involved her going to local shopping centres with samples to carry out customer research. Gemma believes that on the whole, the plus size market has a very restricted offering, and often just includes a lot of black items, so with her own line, she’s made sure that it’s a mixed bag of sparkle and patterns. Henry Holland singled out Gemma's range, saying that he thought that she was doing a great job. Check out some of her pieces below, or shop the entire collection at

Amy Childs

Amy describes herself as an entrepreneur and boasts an extensive range of ventures, such as her own beauty salon, and perfume. This week, she was at the Clothes Show Live to officially launch her new party range for her own clothing line, amychildsofficial, which she initially founded upon leaving TOWIE, as her Twitter fans were constantly bombarding her with questions asking her where she bought her outfits. Amy explained that she sat down with designers to create pieces that emulated her glamorous style. The range caters to all ages and has many glittery dresses which are perfect for the festive season. Check out some of our favorite pieces below. 


Images: gemmacollinsofficial, amychildsofficial