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What Will i-D Mag Be Like Now That It’s Owned By Vice?

According to a press release which arrived in our inboxes earlier this morning, Vice Media* claims it received the "BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER" because it acquired i-D magazine.

The British fashion publication is a TFS favorite, but BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER, it is not. Can you make out with i-D mag? Cook breakfast together in the morning? I guess you can lie in bed with it for hours on a rainy day. Okay. That's good. But you can also totally do that with a cat. And cats, unlike magazines, purr. 

But because Vice was never really interested in cuddling and intimacy-related gifts, maybe we can't fault the media company for thinking that it got the best present ever. Vice is hoping to take i-D's vision and product and brand, and use it to launch a fashion video channel behemoth. And I bet it'll be a success: video is legitimately one of Vice's greatest strengths, after cynicism. Vice is also aiming to increase i-D's print circulation and audience, which is a really creative goal for a magazine holding company. 

Even though I'm not comfortable with any development which includes the line, "Vice Acknowledges that i-D Partnership will do the Impossible — Make Them Cooler," in the corresponding press release (because there's nothing cooler than announcing you're cool in a press release), the two publications do seem like a natural fit, and Vice is doing a smart/good thing by having the i-D founding editor couple, Terry and Tricia Jones, stay on as partners, shareholders, and "creative visionaries" (what a job title!).

You kind of want the people responsible for getting Grace Coddington to smile so so wide to be on your team, you know?

* FYI, I'm currently waging a personal vendetta against their eponymous publication for various reasons, so I encourage you to bear that in mind whenever you hear me say anything about Vice, ever. 

Image via i-D Online