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The Full Prada Spring 2013 Campaign Is Here Because Today Keeps Getting Better and Better

If you've had the good fortune of leaving your house today, you know it's beautiful out there (at least here in New York; white Christmas whatever), but that's not the only reason to feel jubilant and happy. First of all, it's a great day for pre-holiday package deliveries. (FedEx and UPS and USPS employees probably feel differently about the volume of stuff clogging the postal pipelines.) Second, Prada dropped its Spring 2013 campaign today, and it's a stunner in a sea of stunning Spring ad campaigns. (Third: we're definitely alive and probably loved, but let's focus on the Prada ads.)


Shot by Steven Meisel and starring pretty much every top tier model (more specifically: Vanessa Axente, Saskia de Brauw, Irina Kravchenko, Eva Herzigova, Sung Hee, Irene Hiemstra, Kirsten Owen, Sasha Pivovarova, Amber Valletta, Maartje Verhoef, and Raquel Zimmermann), these pictures prove you don't need an elaborate set or concept to pull together the kind of campaign that makes me seriously consider selling my organs.

Here's what Prada says about itself:

Uncompromising backgrounds of grey or inky black are refreshingly spare and confident – a contemporary canvas for the models’ distinctive attitudes, and a collection that turns on its head notions of womanhood.

Flowers are a recurring motif, reimagined on panel prints on duchesse satin dresses, appliques on wraps and inset on eyewear. But there is nothing girly or ostentatious about these blooms or these women, whose poses reflect their confident individuality.

Setting aside all the immodest adjectives (I'm familiar with the power of suggestion, but I'd rather be the one to decide whether the backgrounds are "uncompromising" and if the spareness is "refreshing"), I want to wear allll of this clothing. Maybe not that pink fur flower cape, or the red satin skirt it's matched with, but definitely those geisha-in-space sock-shoes everyone (except for me and Elle Fanning!) hates

Images courtesy of Prada