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London Fashion Treats to Look Forward to in 2013

It’s almost Christmas, which means that we’ll be saying goodbye to 2012 before we even know it, and what a fab fashion-filled 12 months it has been! Around this time of year, it always gets us wondering what exactly the good old UK fashion industry has lined up for the forthcoming year ahead. So, here’s a taste of what we can expect!

Selfridges’ Silent Shopping Area

One of the UK’s leading department stores, Selfridges, has exclusively revealed that it’s set to launch a silent shopping area in January 2013. If you’re wondering how exactly that’ll work, well, shoppers will be asked to leave their shoes and mobiles at the door upon entering so they can peruse the quiet shop where labels such as Acne and Jil Sander will be sold. To add to the relaxing environment, there will also be a meditation area and headspace pod.

It sounds like a nice idea, as everybody knows only too well how annoyingly noisy and stressful shopping can be at an overly busy destination such as Selfridges in the heart of London.

Manolo Blahnik’s LFW Project

We are already dreaming about the next London Fashion Week, and today we heard the exciting news that shoe designer Manolo Blahnik has created the imagery for the AW/13 schedule. (Last time it was Jonathan Saunders' fine art work.) Blahnik’s backdrop for fashion week has been inspired by the designer’s own career path, and features dream-like scenarios. We can’t wait to check it out!

Images: Lia Toby/