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Today in Boys: Graham Winfield from Sight Management

Yesterday, TFS Forum Buzz editor Chrissy Makkas posted a feature about a recent crop (haha) of models who've cut their hair. (You should read it.) The article included a slide profiling Travis Cannatta (and his new V Magazine-approved hair), which uhhh … piqued my interest in the wonderful world of fashion boys. Sorry, models. Male models. 

Fashion is one of the few industries where the pay gender gap is reversed. If you are a working male model, bless your heart (and mom) for being so pretty — but also, boy am I ever glad not to be in your expensive leather ankle boots, which you're probably in debt for to your agency. (Not that aspiring high fashion female models are neccessarily better paid, they just have better prospects. If you want to read more about the bleak economics of being a working model, Pricing Beauty: The Making of a Fashion Model by Ashley Mears is the book.)

Anyway, I thought I would maybe sometimes pull a few photos of an attractive male model from the tFS Forums "Hommes" boards, just because we deserve eye candy and these boys deserve to get jobs.

This turned out to be harder than I'd expected. I wanted to find someone good-looking, but models are good-looking by definition — without exception, always. So I had to resort to judging the personalities of people I'd never met, which is very rarely productive.

I ended up choosing a model with only one post to his thread, because there wasn't enough information about him to turn me off (no, I am not fun to date). His name is Graham Winfield and he's with Sight Management. He's way cute (that jawline! that hair!) and has already mastered model-face. Someone give him a job, plz. 

Images via TFS Forums

If you'd like to nominate someone for "Today in Boys" which I hope will become a semi-regularly occuring feature, go for it in the comments. You'll be doing a good deed.