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Accessories Brand Cynics Totally Nails the Photography of Tommy Ton in a Mock ‘Street Style’ Campaign

When they’re not busy predicting apocalypses, the Mayans have a more constructive way to pass time, which is advocating the idea that each of us has an intimate connection to all life. They express this with the greeting “In Lak’ech,” meaning, “I Am You, You Are Me.”

It’s this dictum that banality-shunning accessories label Cynics has appropriated with its latest jewellery collection. It’s all about intertwining separate elements, with colour and precious metals linked and layered to complement one another and create striking statement pieces. Though Cynics has put their signature borderline-subversive spin on the whole thing via campaign, applying the Mayan saying to the way we’re all digitally and materialistically — rather than spiritually — connected.

We’re talking about street style blogs of course. More specifically, we’re talking about the accessories-focused photography of street style wizard Tommy Ton, and the way his photographs create a polychromatic ripple effect across computer screens worldwide. Cynics’ campaign replicates his iconic style through photographs showcasing four key looks: brights, pastels, edgy, and multi-tone, and by incorporating the requisite neon clutch, iPhone, and organic/exotic beverage.   

The backdrop is Circular Quay, the previous home of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, and photographer Byron Spencer’s ‘street style’ models are all well-practiced fashion bloggers: Carmen Hamilton of Chronicles of Her and Vogue Spy Style, Brooke Lazarus of The Topknotter, and Emily Fang of Little Black Book

The whole idea is funny ‘cause it’s true, but effective because the photographs are inspiration folder-worthy in their own right. If the world really does end today, the zipper cuff would be an especially good bet for ensuring you go out in style. 

Images courtesy of Bleach PR