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Gemma Ward Signs with IMG Australia, Prompts Rumours of a Modelling Comeback

Never has news that made you feel old been so welcome: Gemma Ward has signed with IMG Models Australia in what looks to be the first step in her 2013 modelling comeback.

Frockwriter reported on Monday that Ward had signed with IMG’s new Australian division three weeks ago. IMG’s general manager Danielle Ragenard then gave an exclusive statement to Frockwriter, stating:

“She hasn’t worked in this market for a long time, so to make the move now [from Viviens], obviously it’s because she wants to further her career, she wants to get back into the Australian market… She’s an Australian girl and this is an important market for her. And she’s looking at everything IMG can offer, from endorsements to modelling contracts.”

Perth-born Ward began her career back in 2003 at Australian Fashion Week before going on to grace approximately 92,382 Vogue covers, replace Kate Moss as the face of Calvin Klein’s Obsession Night perfume and inspire an entire generation of baby doll/alien face lookalikes including Lily Cole and Jessica Stam. She quit modelling in 2008 to pursue acting, and despite scoring roles in Pirates of the Caribbean and The Great Gatsby has managed to pretty much avoid premieres and gossip mags entirely. One tFS member points out that there have been more sightings of Bin Laden in the last five years than there have of Ward, but hopefully her new relationship with IMG will put her back on our radars.

The question remains, though, whether Gemma’s bankability is as strong as it was in the noughties. Commenters on her thread are split 50-50 between having excitement-induced heart attacks and questioning whether, at 25, she’ll still be desirable to designers. It’s probably telling though that said thread was still exploding with updates and nostalgic circa-2005 runway shots during even her quietest times.

Source: [frockwriter]