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Beyonce Also Let Terry Richardson Take Her Picture

I think that maybe from now on, whenever someone lets Terry Richardson take their picture, instead of writing up a post about it I'll just put up a list of links to all the Terry-bashing I've ever done here on The Fashion Spot, alongside the image. Just when I saw this GQ cover, saw the offending photographer credit, I felt something crumple up inside of me. As long as people continue to give Terry Richardson work, visit his photo studio, run his pictures without comment, it'll piss me off — but there's only so many times I can really be like, "Hey famous and powerful people, get some values! Stop furthering and sustaining the career of a creepy creep and actually DO SOMETHING apart from going to some dumb charity event to make the world a marginally less terrible place." No, really. I feel like a broken record, always sputtering about how Terry Richardson is NOT GOOD FOR WOMEN and yet still, each time it's genuinely heartbreaking to see powerful pop figures like Beyonce or Lena Dunham (a self-identified feminist!!!) get in front of the camera of this gross dude who takes sleazy pictures and allegedly takes advantage of young struggling models. I get the objections: "That's just the way things are, man." But I HATE the way things are! And they don't have to be this way! People get to make choices! I'm gonna go to the bathroom now to watch my head explode in the mirror. 

Beyonce GQ cover via DailyStab; editorial image via GQ