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Today in Boys: Dominic Carisch from Storm Models

Today's Tuesday, which is as good a day as any to take a dip into the pool of male models located in the tFS "Hommes" Forum. 

In the premiere installment of this series (read it here!), I learned it can be difficult to find an already-established model who seems to deserve an extra nudge of attention — so I think going forward, I'm going to stick to the boys that are just starting out. It's all in the spirit of fashion, because nothing's better than the next big thing. 

Dominic Carisch is not new like a newborn baby, but he'll probably be a new sight for your eyes. Signed with Storm Models in London, Dominic first made an appearance on the tFS Forums in August 2012. He just made a respectable showing on the Milan men's runways, walking for Philipp Plein, Dirk Bikkenberg and Vivienne Westwood

His flaws, because why not tear someone down so you can build them back up again: Dominic is almost a little bit too much of a pretty boy for me (that's almost a compliment) and I'll tell you right now that I avoided posting any of the topless pictures floating around in his tFS thread because he's so chesty it's practically pornographic.

But yeah, I don't think I really need to write that much to persuade you that this boy is a very good looking boy. And there's something just a hair off about his face … his jawline is not quite symmetrical, and he's better for it. 

Okay people, please remember that as pretty as he is, he is a suffering, struggling working male model probably surviving off free champagne and toast crumbs. Hire him, take his picture, pay him for it. 

Images via TFS Forums

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