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Naomi Watts Kills It with Her Oxblood Zac Posen and Vogue Covers

I always saw Naomi Watts as pretty but not all that interesting, probably because she’s sort of like a slightly older and slightly less British but slightly more talented version of fellow generic beauty Sienna Miller. But Naomi has been killing it clothes-wise lately, the most recent example being this oxblood Zac Posen gown she wore to the Golden Globes last week.

From the neck down she’s a silky glass of merlot and from the neck up a perfect example of old Hollywood glamour. A cut-away back and faux bob thing she has going on partners the dress perfectly, and choosing pink lipstick over red prevents the whole thing from being too matchy-matchy. There are two more things to note about her general appearance here: Sleeves, which are more than welcome on the red carpet when they're not accompanied by skirts like this, and wrinkles. Naomi has them, and they stop her face from looking like melted plastic.

Then there’s the Vogue Australia cover she did for the magazine’s February issue. Forum member YoninahAliza writes, “What I really appreciate about this cover is that Vogue Australia was able to take a celebrity who’s career/life-story I’ve never particularly followed and suddenly make me interested in reading an interview with her and seeing an editorial with her, just from the cover alone.”

It seems relevant here to mention this unfortunate Harper’s Bazaar cover from October last year, which I can only look at if I cross my eyes and avoid looking at anything north of the ‘Get Great Hair’ headline because it is that awkward. In comparison, Naomi looks completely gorgeous and, here’s the keyword — natural — in ruffled green Gucci.

Bring on the Oscars!

Magazine cover photographed by Fashion Spot forum member AL92; Celebrity images: WENN