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Karl’s Chanel Couture Show Closes With Two Brides In Support of French Marriage Equality Law

Image via BoF Instagram

It's a custom of French couture shows to close with a bridal look, but tradition has to change with the times, which was part of the reasoning behind the finale of Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel Couture 2013 show in Paris earlier today.

To support the recently passed and highly contested marriage equality law in France, the Kaiser sent two brides down the runway together. His move mirrors one by French Elle, which recently took a similar position on the gay rights debate in France with a "Marriage for All!" issue — the cover shows two women locked in an embrace. 

Karl's four-year-old nephew walked down the aisle runway with the designer's two lady-brides, after the show, but Lagerfeld told the Associated Press that although he supports gay marriage — "I don't even understand the debate. Since 1904 the church and state have been separate." — he's not in favor of a provision in the law which makes adoption legal for same-sex couples. He didn't say why, although in my understanding that's not an uncommon position. Although LGBT adoption is a relatively uncontested aspect of gay family creation in the U.S. (there are about two million children currently being raised by gay couples in America, although some states don't permit same-sex adoption), it's not a common practice in France. 

I don't really get how someone like Karl Lagerfeld can support gay marriage but still feel that a traditional hetero two parent household is something the state needs to protect and preserve but — not my country, not my problem. And honestly, I'd rather abolish marriage for all and loosen the adoption laws. It's because of the wedding gowns. I hate them. Say NO to the dress!!