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“Generational Plastic Surgery” — The Cool New Mom/Daughter Bonding Activity I Won’t Be Trying

If you love your mom and love signing up for painful and invasive procedures that make your body conform to the beauty standard, you should get in on the mother-daughter plastic surgery trend. (I will be over here, trying to make my hair grey faster in protest.) 

BellaSugar pulled up a press release from Manhattan cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert Guida, who describes this "growing new trend."

"One of the most interesting cosmetic trends we're seeing is what many are calling 'generational plastic surgery.' … We're actually finding that it can be beneficial to both parties. Many describe it as having a built-in support system — someone close, who understands what you're going through first-hand."

Dr. Guida includes his phone number and website at the bottom of the release, noting that he's available for consultations. 

Haha, please don't call him? There are so many ways to say "I love you" that don't involve paying someone a lot of money to inject needles into your face or cut your body open on an operating table. 

Image via WENN