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Survive the January Blues in Style with GWYNEDDS

All of this cold January weather just heightens those winter blues and makes us want to do nothing more than snuggle up inside. But when cozy time arrives, what do you wear

We’ve found the perfect lazy day solution in the form of the casual brand GWYNEDDS which aims to create clothing (as in the pic below) that is so soft and comfortable that it’ll remind you of your snuggly clothes back from when you were a kid, yet at the same time, all of their pieces are injected with a cute and sexy, more grown up edge.

We're digging GWYNEDDS’ mantra that you should ignore trends and simply live by the rule of having fun being yourself and dressing to reflect this. So, if you’re a carefree girl who demands wearability from your wardrobe, then you’ll love their new SS13 collection which is comprised of an array of soft jerseys, silks and cottons in a palette of muted brights and lighthearted prints.

From laid-back sweats to cool scarves, their pieces are perfect to layer up in and head outdoors. Yes, lazy day clothing that you can be caught outside wearing!