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Tim Gunn Stars in the Fifth & Pacific Rebranding Video

"Where is Fifth & Pacific?" asks a new video starring Tim Gunn. 

The Project Runway mentor takes the question super literally — he stops New Yorkers on the street to ask for directions. It's cute because Fifth and Pacific isn't a real NYC intersection. On the other hand, it's not a move that inspires confidence in the creative director of the newly-formed brand. The ad tries to make a joke out of Gunn's inexplicable ignorance, but it never really takes off.

Liz Claiborne became Fifth & Pacific in May last year, and the name change reflects the sale of the company's former namesake brand to JC Penney. (The fourth Google search result for Liz Claiborne is a Business Insider post titled, "The Liz Claiborne Disaster Timeline." Eeek.)

Okay, so I do think this video is kind of schmaltzy (sry), but maybe that's because I'm less interested in Fifth & Pacific's brand identity ("Where New York chic meets California cool" ugh) and more interested in the actual brand. Fifth & Pacific is made up of three well-known and distinctive labels — Juicy Couture, Kate Spade and Lucky Brand Jeans — which in sum speak better to Fifth & Pacific's identity than any tagline could. A cabbie practically whispers that crucial information about the company's constitutive parts like two seconds before the end of the video. If three months from now, people are still asking the question, "Where's Fifth & Pacific?" it's gonna be the company's own fault.