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The Onesie: The Worst Thing to Happen to British Fashion

Opinions are always divided regarding the best and worst fashion trends around, but we hope that you have our back when we say that the onesie is quite possibly the worst fashion trend to hit the UK, like, ever. That’s right, we’re talking about that gigantic baby grow for real life adults.

The onesie trend kicked off in a big way in Britain just last year, and unfortunately for us, it’s showing no signs of disappearing. Usually, fads like this never quite completely catch on, but the king of British reality TV shows, The Only Way IS Essex (TOWIE), sent this trend to another level, and we’ve literally seen everybody from our neighbours wearing one to do their weekly shops to our favourite pop stars getting papped in them. What is happening to the world?

Snap One up Now!

If you’re all for the human baby trend (well, after all, it’s our job to help), we can point you in the direction of purchasing the very best. Head over to Primark and dress like a giant teddy bear for under £20, or go down the slightly classier route with Amy Childs’ (former TOWIE star) own range. Bag her diamante embellished onesie below in a range of colours for only £65 each and simultaneously evoke that scary velour tracksuit trend.

Did I Really Wear that?!!

If you’re one of the few sane people left, then join us in having a laugh at a few of our favourite celebs below who've been backing the onesie trend. They are so going to look back at these pics and wonder what the heck they were thinking! Remember, though, if you’re of a nervous disposition and easily scarred from horrific fashion disasters, then click away now.


Above left is TOWIE favourite Joey Essex in what we would at least hope to be a festive onesie, but no, as it turns out, we've spotted people still wearing this number just this week — and it's January! Above right is X Factor sensation Rylan, and he's teamed his with a pair of silver moon boots — just when you were thinking nothing could make a onesie look worse.

Images: AmyChildsOfficial, WENN