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That Awful Brad Pitt No. 5 Ad Was a Huge Success for Chanel

If South by Southwest thought The Canyons had "quality issues" the film festival selection committee probably would have thrown up all over themselves if Chanel had submitted its Brad Pitt No. 5 commercial for consideration. 

When it comes to fashion, there's always room for a difference in opinion with this one exception: Brad Pitt's Chanel ads were awful, horrible. Show me someone that disagrees and I'll show you a Chanel employee trying not to lose his or her job. 

Ah, except no one at the French fashion house is actually in danger of getting sacked over this painfully painful commercial. Because um, according to Bloomberg, Chanel earned millions of dollars in free advertising ("free" = Brad Pitt's undisclosed contract fee + production expenses) off our dumb commentary. Don't you feel dirty? I feel like that South by Southwest committee, post-vomit. 

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