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I Know You Wanna Watch Kate Upton’s Super Bowl Ad

Unfortunately, Kate Upton is only appears in like three, maaaaybe four seconds of the Mercedes-Benz ad that's going to run this Sunday at the Super Bowl game. 

I'll forgive you if you don't take me at my word and want to verify by watching the video for yourself below. The automobile giant seemingly went nuts trying to publicize the fact that Upton would be featured in the commerical. They started hyping in November, pre-Thanksgiving. Forget "holiday season," this has been Kate-Upton-Super-Bowl-commercial-hype season. Last week, Mercedes-Benz even released a separate teaser for the ad (a commercial for a commercial, what new and strange times we live in) showing the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model doing the tamest sexy carwash routine I've ever seen (people still got outraged, don't worry).

I was expecting the ad to include, at the very least, a repeat performance of her infamous "cat daddy" video, if not a whole new choregraphed dance piece. Unfortunately, we got a shot of Upton in a red dress on a red carpet. For a second, before the camera cut to Usher. Who's not even the real star of the ad. Can you guess who is? You can't! It's Willem Dafoe. WHAT?

I don't understand anything about luxury car marketing. 

Image via WENN