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Agyness Deyn Covers InStyle: Is This What a Comeback Looks Like?

Here's Agyness Deyn on the cover of InStyle: she's wearing every glossy magazine's favorite current fashion trend (graphic mod) and posing for a fashion photographer (Rankin, obnoxious by virtue of his single name). Are we to believe, contrary to all appearances, that her modeling career is really no longer a thing?

The superstar keeps talking about how she's totally retired from the profession that made her such a success. In an October 2012 interview (that was, if you aren't good with numbers, late last year!) with The Independent, she discussed her move away from fashion: "I suppose I have stopped modeling officially. I've not done any for a good long while now. I think it was about four years ago when my feelings were changing towards the industry." 

She's been acting, you know? Deyn appeared in The Clash of the Titans in 2010 and Pusher in 2012. "From Modelling to Movies" — that's what the InStyle cover line reads.

Her InStyle appearance follows a truly NSFW editorial shoot which recently ran in Interview Magazine, which is what has some people speculating that she's making her big-time fashion comeback. 

But I think the former model has her heart set on an acting career. Deyn was just cast in the main role of the forthcoming film, Sunset Song, and it's more than likely that these modeling side projects are just a way to get herself more "out there" so that people will buy tickets to see her movie. Aspiring actresses, take note: "Be a Famous Model" is a plan that actually works for some people. 

Image via InStyle