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Hard Candy Goes Hard with New Spring 2013 Collection

Hard Candy will forever be known as the 90s makers of your favourite nail polish and yes, that is still the case (see below), but in recent years the saccharine brand has branched out in all directions. This week I was fortunate enough to attend the launch of Hard Candy's Spring 2013 collection, which is available exclusively at Walmart starting today.

A small selection of their line that includes lips, eyes, face and body.

For me, the cherry on the Candy collection had to be the cream-colored Candy Sprinkles nail polishes with glitter. They're most definitely unique — my favourites being the aptly titled Cocoa Smore and Sugar Rush — and, like most of the Hard Candy cosmetics, retail for less than $4.

By way of cosmetics, there's also an incredible four-day Lash Ink mascara (yup, I said four days!) and the All Glossed Up Hydrating Lip Stain that, unlike conventional lip stains, leaves a sleek glossy finish with no icky stick.

Candy Sprinkles Nail Polishes

Lip Def Glitter Laquer

But what of the apparel? Hard Candy has redesigned activewear by offering fun graphic tees, sweatshirts and pants with a bold rock edge. Their capsule collection is stylish, comfy and, more importantly, fun, which helps a lot when you're willing yourself to work out. I had a couple of models pose in some of the items, though my favourite piece had to be the very Valentine's Day appropriate Sequin Front Printed Pullover with Hearts.

All of their fabrics are ultra soft, come with a lip gloss sample on the tags (for realz) and are priced between $12 and $16. I'm not the kind of person who spends a small fortune on sweat-collecting activewear so I'd be happy to shell out small change on some easy tees, slouchy pants and hideaway hoodies. As I mentioned, the line hits your local Walmart today so, for risk of sounding like a JLo/ mashup, you can go Hard Candy or you can go home!

These are a few of my favourite things!