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Lara Bingle and Isabel Lucas Shine at the Launch of Dior’s New Sydney Store, But in Very Different Ways

Well this is awkward. Lara Bingle and Isabel Lucas both attended the launch of Dior’s new store opening in Sydney last week, and one was significantly better dressed than the other.

Normally at events like this, it’s considered common courtesy to wear the designer you’re there to celebrate, however Lara opted instead for a baby pink Christopher Kane dress from the designer’s Resort 2013 collection. The rather demure look (it has pleats!) is a refreshing change for her, and the only thing she could have improved on is the tone of her spray tan. Baby steps, we figure. Though the red lipstick and dewy skin do, somehow, make the orange look a little more natural.   

Glowing in a slightly different way was Isabel Lucas, who was gift-wrapped in a piece of leftover ribbon from Dior’s Spring 2013 collection and who unfortunately agreed to have her photo taken standing next to Lara. Even perfect genes can’t rescue this sartorial disaster, her otherwise enviable mermaid hair and waifish frame instead leaving her looking in desperate need of a hair tie and some complimentary hors d'oeuvres. It’s a bit disappointing considering Isabel normally looks great dressed in Sienna Miller’s leftovers from 2003, and that the Dior dress really did look great on the runway. 

Image: Lara Bingle's Facebook