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Nemo Destroys NYFW: Marc Jacobs Changes His Show Date Over the Big Bad Blizzard

Poor Marc Jacobs: Not only has it been so cold in New York that the designer has doubtlessly had to keep his shirt on (of course in the end, we're the ones that suffer most when Jacobs covers up those sweet ladykiller pecs), Nemo, the big bad blizzard barrelling towards the Northeast, has led Jacobs to postpone his Monday, February 8 show due to customs and delivery delays.

According to a statement by Jacobs' business parter and company president, Robert Duffy, the brand is waiting on shipments of bags, shoes and two fabrics. So pretty much everything they need to show the collection, besides models.

Marc Jacobs is always one of the most anticipated collections of New York Fashion Week, but as its been rescheduled for Thursday at 8 PM — the last day of shows — it's likely going to see a lot of guest cancellations.

From Duffy:

"Marc and I are extremely sorry for this inconvenience. We just want to have the best show possible and show all the product that our design team has been working on so hard for the last six months. We completely understand if people have to get on a plane to go to London. We're not expecting people to change those plans or other plans just for us. We are live streaming the show. Still, we recognize the significant inconvenience and are very sorry about the situation."

Inclement weather is no excuse for massively inconveniencing the entire New York fashion industry. Those people are important people, more important than snow! Mr. Duffy can apologize all he wants but some things, like winter, are unforgivable. 

Collage with Marc Jacobs image via Getty