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Video App ‘Vine’ to Change Fashion Week Forever

Maybe it's because this weekend was so miserable weatherwise and faced with such inhospitable being-outside conditions, many would-be fashion week show-goers chose to stay inside instead, that Twitter's new short video iPhone app, Vine, gained a real stronghold on #nyfw hashtags near you. 

If you haven't played with the app yet, it's going to sound really dumb when I describe it to you (and in reality, it kinda is), but it's extremely addictive. Following the logic of parent company Twitter's micro-missives and people's attraction to stricter formal limitations in social sharing, Vine's technology allows users to post super-short clips with unlimited cuts (basically six second max videos) which loop infinitely (like GIFs). The results are often charming — more textured and atmospheric than Twitter pics, but still lightweight and browsable. 

Some of the accounts currently monopolizing Vine's popular #nyfw tag: V Magazine, Bergdorf Goodman, W mag, e-com site RentTheRunway, CFDA president Steven Kolb, Buzzfeed Shift editor Amy Odell, The Webster Miami, fashion PR firm KCD, WSJ reporter Elizabeth Holmes — overall, an impressive and relatively diverse selection of fashion folks. (We're there too, but more catting it up than anything else.)

Vine is currently only available for iPhone and iPod Touch.