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Yes, You Should Watch ‘The Face’

Image courtesy of The Face

The Face premiered last night and I'm here to say: Yes, you should watch it, particularly if you're a longtime ANTM fan who just can't deal with Tyra anymore. 

  • I didn't realize how much I missed Nigel Barker until I heard him in the intro voiceover. 
  • Even though Naomi Campbell executive-produced the new reality modeling competition, the show doesn't edit out the door-slamming. She's not afraid to be perceived as a bitch. 
  • Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha are unbelievably charming and beautiful. As TV personalities, they rival Project Runway Heidi Klum in likability. 
  • The models are not necessarily so believable as future supermodels (some of the contestants are like, 24), but the caliber of talent is much higher than what we've seen on ANTM
  • W mag's Stefano Tonchi cameos in the first episode. 
  • It's nice to watch a show that's so new, in the first flush of youth or whatever. There's a buzzing, kind of electric quality to it that was part of ANTM's first season, too. (Nineteen seasons later, Top Model a very different show.) For all we know, one of the model contestants could go on to a great career — for now, it's at least a possibility that The Face will launch someone legit. 



[The Face is a sponsor of The Fashion Spot but not of this post, which is purely editorial.]