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Beyonce Covers The Gentlewoman

Image via TFS Forums

Following her recent Super Bowl halftime show performance, here's Beyoncé photographed by Alasdair McLellan for the cover of The Gentlewoman, a completely different kind of platform. The biannual style publication has a singular reputation in the world of magazines: it's known for its wit and impeccable sense of style — a magazine for women but not a women's magazine in the conventional way. 

Even though the mag ran a cover of Adele two years ago (the singer was also photographed by McLellan), the biannual doesn't typically feature such big-name mainstream stars. Beyoncé is a major "get" for a publication like The Gentlewoman, but it's also in a way a big "get" for Beyoncé: the superstar can entertain millions of people at a football championship but then somehow, she still has something new to reveal about herself to a thoughtful, small-circulation British fashion journal.  

Beyoncé for President 2016 and I'm only sort of kidding.