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You’ll Either Love or Hate Heidi Klum’s Interview Germany Cover

Image via Interview Germany's Facebook

Here's Heidi Klum looking like someone else entirely (fellow model Claudia Schiffer, maybe?) on the cover of Interview Germany's March Issue. From a strategy standpoint, it can't be smart to squander the German model's celebrity by publishing a cover where she looks unrecognizable, but I like the surreal aspect of the image — which balances Heidi's obscured face with the overexposed photo print on her swimsuit — and respect its boldness. 

I'm being too mild: in reality this cover made my heart sing. I decided to make my own face-print swimsuit, but unfortunately had a hard time following Heidi's lead and not making myself the center of attention. Since I ended up using a photo of my own face, I decided my creation had to be menswear:

I've already recieved three orders. 

A magician's never supposed to reveal her tricks, but since I'm not a magician I can tell you how to customize a pair of board shorts with a giant photo of your face: Click over to Or you can really go for it with a personalized bikini at