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Does Rihanna’s River Island Collection Look Better On Cats?

Rihanna showed her River Island collection as part of London Fashion Week and the critical reception has not been positive. It hasn't even been neutral. The Daily Beast was particularly blunt, using adjectives like "hideous," "slutty" (okay, Tom Sykes, is that like, an official fashion term or something you just like to say about what women are wearing?) and "predictable" to describe it. It's too bad Rihanna was looking forward to seeing the "reaction from … the fashion press."

As our own Chrissy Makkas said on the TFS Twitter, "Why design a clothing line if you're the only person on earth who will (kind of) look good in it?" I thought Chrissy had a point, but wondered — what if Rihanna's River Island collection wasn't for people at all? Would the line would look better on cats? 

No, but at least the cats aren't ruined by what they're wearing. (It's hard to ruin cats.)

The Rihanna x River Island collection will launch on March 5th at Opening Ceremony in the US and the UK. Cats not included. 

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