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5 Things I Didn’t Write About Today

  • T Magazine's Deborah Needleman pledges to make the publication more diverse in the future. That's great news and I trust Needleman more than the average fashion editor, but people are always promising to be better and I've found that having zero expectations w/r/t progress is the optimal way of going through life. [NYTimes]

  • French contemporary brand Comptoir des Cotonniers is partnering with the Paris-based label, Calla. Toronto-born designer Calla Haynes is talented, but Comptoir des Cotonniers is overpriced factory manufactured trendbait masquerading as quality clothing. [WWD]

  • You might have noticed that Fashionologie, FabSugar and ShopStyle have all folded into the same site. Here's an interview with the owners of PopSugar on the subject of the rebranding. [Fashionista]

  • Rihanna worked with MAC on some cosmetics collections because her collaboration with River Island turned out so well. [WWD]

  • Details is launching a blogger network, pulling together a platform which will attract an audience of 10 million. [WWD]

Image via WWD