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Conan O’Brien Talks to Joe Galliano About His Brother’s “Hasidic Outfit” Controversy

No one's saying Bridget Foley's take on the recent controversy surrounding John Galliano's possibly Hasidic-inspired outfit wasn't thoughtful and informative, but of course her contribution was limited simply because, unlike Conan O'Brien, she didn't land an exclusive with the former Dior designer's brother, Joe Galliano

I don't know what Conan's got on Joe, but the less-famous Galliano has (presumably) refused to grant interviews to anyone else, making TBS's Team Coco the premier destination for all your Joe Galliano infotainment needs. 

The Frenchman appeared on the program in a segment to show off the newest additions to his chapeau stockpile and talk about his brother's recent media scrape.